Electric Works

Electric Works

Whatever the reason you need facilities management you will need power. Security Red Alert’s facilities management service incorporates cabling and power generation as part of the service they provide. Our well trained, qualified and experienced staff will ensure that you have all the electric work and power you need.

What Do Electric Work Do?

There are four specialty areas where you will find electrical workers. These four areas are best described by the type of work done in each of those areas:

Outside Linemen are the electrical workers who install the distribution and transmission lines, that move power from power plant to a factory, a business, or your home.

Inside Wireman are electric works who install the power, lighting, controls and other electrical equipment in commercial and industrial buildings.

VDV Installer Technicians are electrical workers who install circuits and equipment for telephones, computer networks, video distribution systems, security and access control systems and other low voltage systems.

Residential Wiremen are electric works who specialize in installing all of the electrical systems in single-family and multi-family houses or dwellings.

Once they have assessed your requirements they will be able to schedule and supply all of the power supply needs you have.

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